Set4 regulates stress response genes and coordinates histone deacetylases within yeast subtelomeres [article]

Yogita Jethmalani, Khoa Tran, Maraki Negesse, Winny Sun, Mark Ramos, Deepika Jaiswal, Meagan Jezek, Shandon Amos, Eric Joshua Garcia, DoHwan Park, Erin Green, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository
The yeast chromatin protein Set4 is a member of the Set3-subfamily of SET domain proteins which play critical roles in the regulation of gene expression in diverse developmental and environmental contexts. We previously reported that Set4 promotes survival during oxidative stress and regulates expression of stress response genes via stress-dependent chromatin localization. In this study, global gene expression analysis and investigation of histone modification status identified a role for Set4
more » ... n maintaining gene repressive mechanisms within yeast subtelomeres under both normal and stress conditions. We show that Set4 works in a partially overlapping pathway to the SIR complex and the histone deacetylase Rpd3 to maintain proper levels of histone acetylation and expression of stress response genes encoded in subtelomeres. This role for Set4 is particularly critical for cells under hypoxic conditions, where the loss of Set4 decreases cell fitness and cell wall integrity. These findings uncover a new regulator of subtelomeric chromatin that is key to stress defense pathways and demonstrate a function for Set4 in regulating repressive, heterochromatin-like environments.
doi:10.13016/m2nppt-iz9q fatcat:hl5zqz3t7jgrdfebe7ywowkk6y