Nanofluid Motion Past a Shrinking Sheet in Porous Media Under the Impact of Radiation and Heat Source/Sink

R.P. Sharma, A.K. Jha, P.K. Gaur, S.R. Mishra
2019 International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering  
An investigation has been carried out for the MHD 3-dimensional flow of nanofluid over a shrinking sheet saturating a porous media in the presence of thermal radiation and heat generation. Convective boundary conditions for the flow phenomena are used in the present analysis. The governing equations are reduced to ODEs employing suitable similarity transformations. The solutions of formulated differential equations have been attained mathematically by fourth order R-K technique along with the
more » ... ooting method. The impact of the governing constraints on momentum, heat, and local Nusselt number, are explored. It is noticed that the momentum and heat decrease with raise in the porosity variable, temperature reduces with an enhance in the thermal radiation variable, and temperature enhances with an enhance in the heat source/sink parameter.
doi:10.2478/ijame-2019-0057 fatcat:ygarpsfy2rcdvnovi432zrtl4a