A. B. Danilova, T. L. Nekhaeva, V. A. Misyurin, N. A. Avdonkina, N. V. Emelyanova, I. A. Baldueva
2020 Sibirskij Onkologičeskij Žurnal  
Understanding of the sequence of events that ensure invasiveness of malignant cells is important for prognostic purposes. The study of the cellular and molecular pathways in the metastatic process lays the foundation for further progress in the treatment of cancer patients.Purpose: a comparative analysis of in vitro migration and invasion of human solid tumor cells isolated from primary and metastatic lesions.Material and Methods. Cell cultures of skin melanoma (SM, n=29), renal cell cancer
more » ... , n=2), colorectal cancer (CRC, n=1), soft tissue and bone sarcomas (STBS, n=39) isolated from solid human tumors were studied. Cell migration and invasion were assessed using xCelligence (ACEA Bioscience Inc., USA).Results. All solid tumor cell cultures demonstrated in vitro invasive potential (IP), which was 73.79 % for RCC; 53.16 % for SM; 43.96 % for STBS and 5.16 % for CRC. The rates of migration and invasion (SlopeInv) in STBS cells were higher than those in SM cells (39.33 and 25.3 μm/h (p<0.05), 95.32 and 59.82е-3, respectively (p<0.05). The differences in IP values depending on the origin of STBC cells (primary tumor, relapse, and metastasis) were revealed: 18.11 ± 3.05 %, 25.75 ± 5.57 %, 52.97 ± 5.64 %, respectively (p<0.05). We found a correlation between migration and invasion parameters of solid tumor cells and the expression of factors ensuring their mobility and affecting other cellular components of the tumor microenvironment, including cells of the immune system.Conclusion. The biologically «aggressive» phenotype of SM and STBS cells is associated with the expression of the cancer-testis genes, such as PRAME, PASD1, SSX1 and with the production of HB-EGF, IGFBP, PLGF, PECAM-1, FST, SCF, IL-8. These products can be considered as new targets for therapeutic technologies aimed at influencing metastatic disease.
doi:10.21294/1814-4861-2020-19-3-64-77 fatcat:an454ew2r5c3palca5uchbyf7y