Real-time Adaptive Prediction Method for Smooth Haptic Rendering [article]

Xiyuan Hou, Olga Sourina
2016 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we propose a real-time adaptive prediction method to calculate smooth and accurate haptic feedback in complex scenarios. Smooth haptic feedback is an important task for haptic rendering with complex virtual objects. However, commonly the update rate of the haptic rendering may drop down during multi-point contact in complex scenarios because high computational cost is required for collision detection and physically-based dynamic simulation. If the haptic rendering is done at a
more » ... er update rate, it may cause discontinuous or instable force/torque feedback. Therefore, to implement smooth and accurate haptic rendering, the update rate of force/torque calculation should be kept in a high and constant frequency. In the proposed method, the auto-regressive model with real-time coefficients update is proposed to predict interactive forces/torques during the physical simulation. In addition, we introduce a spline function to dynamically interpolate smooth forces/torques in haptic display according to the update rate of physical simulation. In the experiments, we show the feasibility of the proposed method and compare its performance with other methods and algorithms. The result shows that the proposed method can provide smooth and accurate haptic force feedback at a high update rate for complex scenarios.
arXiv:1603.06674v1 fatcat:vk5jvacjlvbhtkqtatzw45cltu