Epitaxial thin films of hexagonal BaRuO3 on (001) SrTiO3

M. K. Lee, C. B. Eom, J. Lettieri, I. W. Scrymgeour, D. G. Schlom, W. Tian, X. Q. Pan, P. A. Ryan, F. Tsui
2001 Applied Physics Letters  
We report the growth, epitaxial arrangement, and electrical and magnetic properties of epitaxial thin films of hexagonal BaRuO 3 on ͑001͒ cubic perovskite substrates. Four-circle x-ray diffraction reveals that the BaRuO 3 films are predominantly grown with two distinct orientations normal to the ͑001͒ SrTiO 3 substrate: (022 3) of the four-layered hexagonal structure ͑4H͒ in the sputter-grown films and (202 5) of the nine-layered hexagonal structure ͑9R͒ in the pulsed laser deposited films.
more » ... eposited films. (022 3)-oriented 4H films consist of four orthogonal domains with the in-plane relationship of BaRuO 3 ͓21 1 0͔//SrTiO 3 ͗110͘. The temperature dependent resistivity of the (022 3) 4H film shows
doi:10.1063/1.1338965 fatcat:zrvgiubvzrgjdbtedj5jqydxxq