RBP Image Database: A resource for the systematic characterization of the subcellular distribution properties of human RNA binding proteins

Louis Philip Benoit Bouvrette, Xiaofeng Wang, Jonathan Boulais, Jian Kong, Easin Uddin Syed, Steven M Blue, Lijun Zhan, Sara Olson, Rebecca Stanton, Xintao Wei, Brian Yee, Eric L Van Nostrand (+5 others)
2022 Nucleic Acids Research  
RNA binding proteins (RBPs) are central regulators of gene expression implicated in all facets of RNA metabolism. As such, they play key roles in cellular physiology and disease etiology. Since different steps of post-transcriptional gene expression tend to occur in specific regions of the cell, including nuclear or cytoplasmic locations, defining the subcellular distribution properties of RBPs is an important step in assessing their potential functions. Here, we present the RBP Image Database,
more » ... a resource that details the subcellular localization features of 301 RBPs in the human HepG2 and HeLa cell lines, based on the results of systematic immuno-fluorescence studies conducted using a highly validated collection of RBP antibodies and a panel of 12 markers for specific organelles and subcellular structures. The unique features of the RBP Image Database include: (i) hosting of comprehensive representative images for each RBP-marker pair, with ∼250,000 microscopy images; (ii) a manually curated controlled vocabulary of annotation terms detailing the localization features of each factor; and (iii) a user-friendly interface allowing the rapid querying of the data by target or annotation. The RBP Image Database is freely available at https://rnabiology.ircm.qc.ca/RBPImage/.
doi:10.1093/nar/gkac971 pmid:36321651 pmcid:PMC9825414 fatcat:oin5reeuobhvrcyahwb635fhua