Role of weakest links and system-size scaling in multiscale modeling of stochastic plasticity

Péter Dusán Ispánovity, Dániel Tüzes, Péter Szabó, Michael Zaiser, István Groma
2017 Physical review B  
Plastic deformation of crystalline and amorphous matter often involves intermittent local strain burst events. To understand the physical background of the phenomenon a minimal stochastic mesoscopic model was introduced, where microstructural details are represented by a fluctuating local yielding threshold. In the present paper, we propose a method for determining this yield stress distribution by lower scale discrete dislocation dynamics simulations and using a weakest link argument. The
more » ... ss of scale-linking is demonstrated on the stress-strain curves obtained by the resulting mesoscopic and the discrete dislocation models. As shown by various scaling relations they are statistically equivalent and behave identically in the thermodynamic limit. The proposed technique is expected to be applicable for different microstructures and amorphous materials, too.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.95.054108 fatcat:o52tzrel6jc5zio7acsk3xpvje