Typology of organizational culture in an Ecuadorian savings and credit cooperative

Álvaro Patricio Carrillo-Punina, Sandra Patricia Galarza Torres
2018 Cooperativismo y Desarrollo  
Organizational culture is a much-addressed aspect of academic and business studies. The present study determined the typology of organizational culture according to the active variables of style of Chief, predisposition to change, remuneration, planning, response to the error, deadlines for action and content of the tasks. It applies the typology of organizational culture of Felcman y Góngora survey 25 employees of an Ecuadorian credit unions cooperative. Using the package statistical SPAD
more » ... atistical SPAD develops analysis multiple correspondence factorial to interpret shafts factorials, the flat factor and cluster analysis. The results indicate that the Organization dominated by characteristic variables of the integrative and apathetic cultures. It is concluded that the variables of the cultural typology of the cooperative are summarized in six dimensions; however, head style and change are not representative variables in the analysis of the cluster.
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