Novel Method of Carpeting Stairs

1880 Scientific American  
A NEW FRUIT DRIER. i through which passes an arm projecting upward from one is attached to the end of the mould by screws 01' other fast-A compact and portable fruit drier, adapted to the wants I part of the gate. This loop is of sufficient length to admit enings, and projects as a flange, serving as a gauge for the of farmers and others desiring to produce a good article of I of moving the rope a short distance without moving the thickness of ihe wall. When the section is completed the dried
more » ... uit, is shown in the annexed engraving. The in-,gate. The upper strand of rope is connected with the other head may be removed and the shaft, d' , turned to draw thl) ventoI' informs us that the device dries apple!! in a few ! part of the gate by a three-armed lever, D, which is pivoted I sides of the mould inward. This action allows the mould to hours, delivering the fruit white and clean, with all drop down, so that the sides and crown are relieved, the flavor retained, so that it resembles in all re-and the mould may be then drawn out to the posi-
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03131880-162c fatcat:3hmz65eqvzeppimwaxsrdagtra