Development of Technique to Estimate Inundation Hazard Level Caused by River Levee Failure
하천 제방붕괴로 인한 침수재해 위험도 산정기법 개발

Jae Hong Park
2012 Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation  
The inundation prediction of protected area due to river levee failure should be carried out simultaneously by unsteady analysis of the time-varying aspects of the flow in the river and the process of the collapse of the levees and inland flooding. However, previous studies associated with levee failure cannot exactly explain actual non-linearity of levee failure, because of using multi-purpose commercial model with assuming instantaneous or linear levee collapse. In this study, the modelling
more » ... the process of levee failure by river flow is tried, introducing soil mechanical theory based on levee stability theory. Through the introduction of the levee failure analysis module, inundation analysis, the river flows and levee failure model are organically combined to comprehensive levee failure analysis model. The developed model is applied to Gamcheon and the results shows that in case of river flood, this model simulate reasonably inundation depth on the inland area, 2 dimensional floodwave propagation, breach flow velocity etc. according to aspect of development of breach width. If the accuracy and applicability of this model is improved by the more application to practical cases, the model is expected to effectively analyze levee collapsed flooding and establish action plan against inland inundation. Keyword : levee failure, inland inundation, hazard level map. 2-Di flood analysis.
doi:10.9798/kosham.2012.12.6.287 fatcat:zsopxfdfebf3hkb6ki27ci7szu