Violence against children
Nasilje nad decom

Anđelka Račić
2021 Megatrend Revija  
Violence against children is a dynamic, changing social phenomenon. Every society, regardless of the level of development of democracy, economic and political development, regardless of the level of protection of human rights, encounters violence against children on a daily basis. The first professional interests in violence against children were made between the two world wars, but the first active measures to oppose it appeared in the mid-sixties of the twentieth century, in the most
more » ... countries. In the 21st century, the countries of the "third world" remain in a civilizational, cultural, value cocoon. No matter how impossible and imaginary it may seem, in some countries, violence against children is still denied as a social phenomenon and a deviation. The negation of violence does not stem from the circumstance that the child is not physically and mentally punished, but that this "punishment" is justified for the purpose of good upbringing, tradition and similar found excuses. For many years, this attitude has been held in many post-communist states, states that have been isolated for decades, either because of politics or because of religion. However, with the globalization of society, the inevitable opening of borders, but also under great assets whose affirmation of ordinary organizations, primarily at the global and then at the state level, the topic of "violence against children" slowly gained its epilogue. Today, in 2021, violence against children is an open topic in most communities. There are no more taboos. And no turning heads from violence. Of course, there are exceptions, but the world is full of rules with some exceptions. The paper deals with two aspects: global and national, specifically the Republic of Serbia. The paper deals with the definition of the concept of the child, types of violence, legal acts regulating the rights of the child, applied measures, but also proposals for measures and moves to take exceptions (those who deny the existence of violence against children, those who it doesn't matter...) be if not zeroed, and at least minimized.
doi:10.5937/megrev2102267r fatcat:7babinv46zdqra4o4o64drnjma