Spectrochemical determination of lead in wines

Mirjana Tripkovic, Marija Todorovic, Ivanka Holclajtner-Antunovic, Slavica Razic, Aleksandra Kandic, Dragan Markovic
2000 Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society  
The determination of lead in wines of different origin was performed by means of atomic emission spectroscopy with argon stabilized DC. U-shaped arc and electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry. The comparison of the results obtained by the direct and standard addition method has indicated the presence of a depressive effect of the complex organic matrix. The effect is avoided successfully by mineralization, as well as by dissolution of the samples. Thus, a relative simple but precise and
more » ... le but precise and sensitive method involving the application of a stabilized arc and photoelectric detection with time integration of the emission signals is recommended for the determination of low concentrations of lead in wines. The complex organic matrix was investigated by recording the IR spectra of different wine fractions.
doi:10.2298/jsc0006323t fatcat:5ds5q2ev5vhyzge2je2cdfkwje