Psychological Security And Personality Basic Values

O. Yu. Zotova
2020 unpublished
The state of the individual's psychological security greatly depends not only on objective reality but also on prevailing values of the subject of security himself, his subjective perception of reality. The study aimed to explore the value regulation of the subject's need for psychological security and the linkage between the person's need for psychological security and the perception of the self. The study was conducted in the territory of the Sverdlovsk region. The aggregate research sample
more » ... e research sample consisted of residents of the 48 administrative and territorial units (districts and cities of the region). The authors used the following methods: the D. Peabody Semantic Differential adapted by A. G. Shmelyov; the S. Schwartz Value Survey adapted by O. A. Tikhomandritskaya and E. M. Dubovskaya; the Assessment of Need for Security Satisfaction questionnaire by O. Yu. Zotova. The findings indicated that satisfaction with the need for security relates to how the individual realizes and describes his self. In situations of lower security the person is prone to assess himself in terms of negative characteristics and maladaptive behavior, in situations of greater securityhe tends to describe his self using positive features. Nevertheless, the question remains of which direction this link has. In other words, whether the state of insecurity provokes the individual's description in negative characteristics, or the proneness of the person to negative self-perception results in a sense of insecurity. The values of preservation and self-affirmation did not demonstrate a statistically significant impact on psychological security.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.11.02.104 fatcat:rdpdjgmqargornbkglddgffinu