Management Science and Engineering The Design of Scientific Research Project Management System in Universities

Shuyan Sun, Qi, Xiaojuan, Yang, Yongji
2014 unpublished
Researching and designing the university scientific research project management system based on network is conducive to tracking, guiding and managing product life-cycle of the whole research procedure management of projects. It also can provide information support for the managers to make scientific research management decisions and contribute to advancing the management level of scientific research and management. Fully understanding the procedure of scientific research management system, the
more » ... paper researched problems which are important to project management and designed the basic structure of the scientific research management system according to the manager's demands. Adopting Myeclipse, Tomcat, Mysql development tools, the function models such as information publishment, achievement exhibition, project management and academic communication can be constructed. Therefore the goal of all-dimensional management of progress, resources and results can be realized. It can not only facilitate project directors to do comprehensivize management of project, but also helpful for the management sector to get the advanced progress information of all the internal scientific research projects. The management system can meet the need of academic institutions macro-management and decision demand of scientific activities, providing support for the project participators' evaluation.