Calibrating Gamma Ray Bursts from SN Ia

Ariadna Montiel, Nora Bretón, Luis Arturo Ureña-López, Hugo Aurelio Morales-Técotl, Román Linares-Romero, Elí Santos-Rodríguez, Sendic Estrada-Jiménez
To consider GRBs as standard candles, the circularity problem should be surmounted. To do this GRBs are calibrated at low redshifts using SNIa data and then extrapolating the calibration to higher redshifts. In this work we apply GRBs calibration to estimate the Hubble parameter, H(z), from the luminosity distance extracted from the calibration and, knowing H(z), we study the parameter w(z) of the equation of state of dark energy.
doi:10.1063/1.3647548 fatcat:p7suxhpxb5dpbk3hahlliwjoc4