Relation of Normal Blood Oxygen Level with Presence or Absence of Chin Dimple

2019 International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences  
Objective of the present study was to correlate chin dimple with level of oxygen in blood. Level of oxygen is an extent that is present in human RBCs. The body almost deals with the blood oxygen level. An estimation of our blood oxygen is called as oxygen immersion level. When the blood has not enough oxygen, body may get diseases that are caused by low level of oxygen. An aggregate of 200 subjects took part in this research. Subjects were students in Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan.
more » ... ation of normal blood oxygen level with chin dimple was checked. Blood oxygen level of all subjects was examined. The value of p was more than significant value. It was assumed from research that there was no noteworthy connection of normal blood oxygen level with presence or absence of chin dimple.
doi:10.20431/2349-0365.0705003 fatcat:d5v64uhrbremdpj3ixev6n6sf4