Supply chain teaming

Yu-Liang Chi
2009 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Enterprises & Organizational Modeling and Simulation - EOMAS '09  
This study shows how the semantic rules in conjunction with ontologies can be used for managing the intricate network among supply chains partners. Nowadays, an enterprise is no longer a self-sufficient firm but an integral part of supply chain. When structuring a supply chain network, it is problematic to identify who the partners are across multiple supply chain tiers. Worst, an inclusion of potential partners may cause the links to become an intricate network. We introduce ontological
more » ... ge framework which first building concepts for defining enterprises and products, describing instances with properties as facts, and developing semantic rules to infer inter-and intra relationships among facts. The major advantage of this design is its ease to implement that individual firm and its parts manage their direct and known knowledge. Small examples were presented using ontology and semantic rules.
doi:10.1145/1750405.1750414 fatcat:6tf77lxb65hm3g4k45yu4eaqcm