Research on Early Fault Self-Recovery Monitoring of Aero-Engine Rotor System

2010 Engineering  
In order to increase robustness of the AERS (Aero-engine Rotor System) and to solve the problem of lacking fault samples in fault diagnosis and the difficulty in identifying early weak fault, we proposed a new method that it not only can identify the early fault of AERS but also it can do self-recovery monitoring of fault. Our method is based on the analysis of the early fault features on AERS, and it combined the SVM (Support Vector Machine) with the stochastic resonance theory and the wavelet
more » ... packet decomposition and fault self-recovery. First, we zoom the early fault feature signals by using the stochastic resonance theory. Second, we extract the feature vectors of early fault using the multi-resolution analysis of the wavelet packet. Third, we input the feature vectors to a fault classifier, which can be used to identify the early fault of AERS and carry out self-recovery monitoring of fault. In this paper, features of early fault on AERS, the zoom of early fault characteristics, the extraction method of early fault characteristics, the construction of multi-fault classifier and way of fault self-recovery monitoring are studied. Results show that our method can effectively identify the early fault of AERS, especially for identifying of fault with small samples, and it can carry on self-recovery monitoring of fault.
doi:10.4236/eng.2010.21008 fatcat:v3extsuzivht7l4tn2howzbs7e