International Journal of Allied Practice, Research and Review Statistical Analysis to Compute Instability Index and Sustainability Index for Area and Production of Coconut Crop in Districts of Karnataka

2018 UGC JOURNAL NUMBER 44557 IJAPRR International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal   unpublished
In India, Karnataka stands second in area (419 thousand hectare) and third in production (1492 thousand million nuts) of coconut. In Karnataka, Tumkur is the largest producer of coconut with the production of 9945.66 lakh nuts (2010). An attempt is made to study the area, production and productivity of coconut crop in districts of Karnataka. The analysis is based on secondary data taken from Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Karnataka for the period 1982-2009. The results establish an
more » ... reasing shift of coconut cropped area (130.14%), production (203.65%) and productivity (112.71%) for the period 1982-2009.