Zebra2: advanced and easy-to-use web-server for bioinformatic analysis of subfamily-specific and conserved positions in diverse protein superfamilies

Dmitry Suplatov, Yana Sharapova, Elizaveta Geraseva, Vytas Švedas
2020 Nucleic Acids Research  
Zebra2 is a highly automated web-tool to search for subfamily-specific and conserved positions (i.e. the determinants of functional diversity as well as the key catalytic and structural residues) in protein superfamilies. The bioinformatic analysis is facilitated by Mustguseal—a companion web-server to automatically collect and superimpose a large representative set of functionally diverse homologs with high structure similarity but low sequence identity to the selected query protein. The
more » ... s are automatically prioritized and provided at four information levels to facilitate the knowledge-driven expert selection of the most promising positions on-line: as a sequence similarity network; interfaces to sequence-based and 3D-structure-based analysis of conservation and variability; and accompanied by the detailed annotation of proteins accumulated from the integrated databases with links to the external resources. The integration of Zebra2 and Mustguseal web-tools provides the first of its kind out-of-the-box open-access solution to conduct a systematic analysis of evolutionarily related proteins implementing different functions within a shared 3D-structure of the superfamily, determine common and specific patterns of function-associated local structural elements, assist to select hot-spots for rational design and to prepare focused libraries for directed evolution. The web-servers are free and open to all users at https://biokinet.belozersky.msu.ru/zebra2, no login required.
doi:10.1093/nar/gkaa276 pmid:32313959 fatcat:3gmxnpwn6zapvhiwiipk7scfay