Transferring Pre-Trained Deep CNNs for Remote Scene Classification with General Features Learned from Linear PCA Network

Jie Wang, Chang Luo, Hanqiao Huang, Huizhen Zhao, Shiqiang Wang
2017 Remote Sensing  
Deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been widely used to obtain high-level representation in various computer vision tasks. However, in the field of remote sensing, there are not sufficient images to train a useful deep CNN. Instead, we tend to transfer successful pre-trained deep CNNs to remote sensing tasks. In the transferring process, generalization power of features in pre-trained deep CNNs plays the key role. In this paper, we propose two promising architectures to extract
more » ... l features from pre-trained deep CNNs for remote scene classification. These two architectures suggest two directions for improvement. First, before the pre-trained deep CNNs, we design a linear PCA network (LPCANet) to synthesize spatial information of remote sensing images in each spectral channel. This design shortens the spatial "distance" of target and source datasets for pre-trained deep CNNs. Second, we introduce quaternion algebra to LPCANet, which further shortens the spectral "distance" between remote sensing images and images used to pre-train deep CNNs. With five well-known pre-trained deep CNNs, experimental results on three independent remote sensing datasets demonstrate that our proposed framework obtains state-of-the-art results without fine-tuning and feature fusing. This paper also provides baseline for transferring fresh pre-trained deep CNNs to other remote sensing tasks.
doi:10.3390/rs9030225 fatcat:ghpzuij5uzavhh7aaxbqfkxlra