Estimation of Infant Mortality Rate by using Regression Analysis Method

Sushma Jain, Ahmad Wani, Syed Basharat, Ahmad Shah, Javaid Ahmad, Motilal Vigyan, Mahavidyalaya Bhopal, Sushma Jain, Vigyan Motilal, Bhopal Mahavidyalaya, Ahmad Gowher, Wani (+4 others)
2017 unpublished
Infant Mortality Rate is one of the important indexes of economic development and social health status of the country. Among statistical measurements in public health, the infant mortality rate (IMR, usually expressed in deaths per thousand before the first birthday) generally reflects the health of a population. The research article proposes Estimation of infant mortality rate of Jammu and Kashmir using previous data relating crude death rate of Jammu and Kashmir by using simple regression
more » ... od. Also the paper shows prodigious practical utility of regression method to predict the infant mortality the data has been provided by Jammu and Kashmir directorate of statistics and economics to carry out the present study. The result prevails that the estimated infant mortality rate has upward trend as compared to previous years. This shows that there is the lack of health and medical facilities in the state, the problem which has to be addressed for future generation KEYWORDS: Infant mortality rate, Crude death rate, regression method, Jammu and Kashmir.