Performance driven multiway partitioning

J. Cong, Sung Kyu Lim
Proceedings 2000. Design Automation Conference. (IEEE Cat. No.00CH37106)  
Abstract| Under the interconnect-centric design paradigm, partitioning is seen as the crucial step that de nes the interconnect 1 . To meet the performance requirement of today's complex design, performance driven partitioners must consider the amount of interconnect induced by partitioning as well as its impact on performance. In this paper, we provide new performance driven formulation for cell move based top-down multiway partitioning algorithms with consideration of the local and global
more » ... ocal and global interconnect delay. In our constrained acyclic partitioning" formulation, cell moves are restricted to maintain acyclicity in partitioning solution to prevent cyclic dependency among cells in di erent partitions. In our relaxed acyclic partitioning" formulation, acyclic constraints are relaxed to give partitioners capability of minimizing cutsize and delay. Our new acyclic constraint based performance driven multiway partitioning algorithm FLARE obtains i 4 to 13 better delay compared to the state-of-the-art cutsize minimization based hMetis 10 at almost no increase in cutsize, and ii 84 better cutsize compared to the state-of-theart delay minimization based PRIME 2 at an expense of 16 increase in delay.
doi:10.1109/aspdac.2000.835140 fatcat:wju35mlpq5dvteypzwfkqzajgy