Color Analysis for the Quantitative Aesthetics of Qiong Kiln Ceramics

Fei Wang, Hang Chao, Lu Leng
2020 Journal of multimedia information system  
The subjective experience would degrade the current artificial artistic aesthetic analysis. Since Qiong kiln ceramics have a long history and occupy a very important position in ceramic arts, we employed computer-aided technologies to quickly automatically accurately and quantitatively process a large number of Qiong kiln ceramic images and generate the detailed statistical data. Because the color features are simple and significant visual characteristics, the color features of Qiong kiln
more » ... of Qiong kiln ceramics are analyzed for the quantitative aesthetics. The Qiong kiln ceramic images are segmented with GrabCut algorithm. Three moments (1st-order, 2nd-order, and 3rd-order) are calculated in two typical color spaces, namely RGB and HSV. The discrimination powers of the color features are analyzed according to various dynasties (Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty) and various utensils (Pot, kettle, bowl), which are helpful to the selection of the discriminant color features among various dynasties and utensils. This paper is helpful to promoting the quantitative aesthetic research of Qiong kiln ceramics and is also conducive to the research on the aesthetics of other ceramics.
doi:10.33851/jmis.2020.7.2.97 fatcat:y45diba54bhzzcnjjoij6h26zu