"TNOs are Cool": A survey of the trans-Neptunian region

A. Pál, C. Kiss, T. G. Müller, P. Santos-Sanz, E. Vilenius, N. Szalai, M. Mommert, E. Lellouch, M. Rengel, P. Hartogh, S. Protopapa, J. Stansberry (+5 others)
2012 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
We present estimates of the basic physical properties (size and albedo) of (90377) Sedna, a prominent member of the detached trans-Neptunian object population and the recently discovered scattered disk object 2010 EK139, based on the recent observations acquired with the Herschel Space Observatory, within the "TNOs are Cool!" key programme. Our modeling of the thermal measurements shows that both objects have larger albedos and smaller sizes than the previous expectations, thus their surfaces
more » ... us their surfaces might be covered by ices in a significantly larger fraction. The derived diameter of Sedna and 2010 EK139 are 995 +/- 80 km and 470 +35/-10 km, while the respective geometric albedos are pV 0.32 +/- 0.06 and 0.25 +0.02/-0.05. These estimates are based on thermophysical model techniques.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201218874 fatcat:72ug4nat45abtl4dgoynnae2gu