Towards a Theoretical Base for Educational Multimedia Design

Tom Boyle
2002 Journal of Interactive Media in Education  
The aim of this paper is to contribute to the construction of a systematic theoretical base for educational multimedia design. The paper delineates different layers of explanation. It then argues for the interactional layer as the most appropriate for multimedia learning environment design. It proposes 'context' as the central construct at this layer. The relationships between multimedia contexts are explored, especially the concept of different levels of contexts corresponding to different
more » ... ng to different educational demands. Further meta-theoretical clarification on the difference between procedural and declarative modes of explanation precedes the final section of the paper. This section explores how the internal structure, the morphology, of contexts might best be delineated for capture in a systematic knowledge base. The paper argues strongly that this type of theoretical clarification is required if we are to move towards a more systematic, 'scientific' base for the construction of educational multimedia systems.
doi:10.5334/2002-2 fatcat:4kkx5ckvzbgqjhuidd6mdtaypm