Madalina Gheta
2017 Annals of Spiru Haret University Economic Series  
The level of development of a country is defined based on indicators such as population size, GDP and contry area. Although it's easy to identify countries like the USA, France and Spain that are part of developed countries and countries such as Senegal, Gabon Greece or China ranked as emerging countries, there is no universally accepted definition of developing contries. The "emerging contries" are often listed in terms of their differentiation from the developed contries; A comun problem is
more » ... at some organizations dont't take into consideration all the variables, a country located on a higher position in terms of GDP is possible to not have the same position at the social development or quality of life. For the last 25 years China has known continuous economic expansion, it's forecasted that in the next 20 years it will become one of the world's superpower. China encountered a relatively fast development after the deployment of the "cultural revolution".In China, the long standing cultural tradition influences till today the economic area, more than other countries encounter from this category. The youth's mentality is to learn and to work very well with the solely interest to serve the country completely. This desire of the Chinese people is positively influenced by the state - the Chinese Communist Party encourages the state of raising the development of education and the level of life.
doi:10.26458/1716 fatcat:6agp6eqmtfbvzkvkcmaaieukjy