Relationship Between Lifestyle and Social Vitality of Women Over 18 Years Old Living in Sanandaj City, Iran

Yaghoub Ahmadi
2020 Journal of Research & Health  
Vitality and happiness are one of the important components of social welfare affecting individualschr('39') efficiency and quality of life. Lifestyle variations, especially the type of health-oriented lifestyle, are important determinants of social happiness. According to this, the aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between lifestyle and social happiness of women over 18 years in Sanandaj in 2017-2018. Methods: The method of this study was descriptive type of correlational.
more » ... e statistical population consisted of women over 18 years in Sanandaj. The sample size was 380 based on the Cochran formula and were selected by multi-stage cluster sampling. The researchchr('39')s tool was a combination of Walkerchr('39')s Standard Questionnaire and researcher-made questionnaire. Results: The Pearson correlation and regression analysis were used to analyze the data by SPSS 22 software. Descriptive results indicated that dimensions of healthy life-style (spiritual growth and Self-actualization, responsibility about health, interpersonal relationships and nutrition, exercise and physical activity, and stress management) caused 37% of changes in the happiness among women of Sanandaj. In addition, the effect of interpersonal relationships has been more than the others. Conclusion: Based on findings, it can be concluded that choosing a healthy lifestyle will lead to increase happiness among women and in this field, the role of interpersonal relationship as one of lifestyle indicators for happiness is more determinative and important so it would be worthy of attention to the cultural, medical and even educational centers of Iran.
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