Influence of the Biocidal Agent Layer on Selected Properties of the Blown Polyethylene Film

Tomasz Jachowicz, Mariusz Kłonica, Łukasz Majewski
2020 Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal  
This paper discusses the problems connected with applying a biocidal substance onto the surface of a blown extruded polyethylene film in order to improve the functional properties of the film while maintaining its processing properties unchanged. The objective of the study was to determine the relationship between biocide application method and selected properties of the tube film. Two methods of biocide application onto the film surface were developed: one relied on spraying the biocide onto
more » ... the biocide onto the hot melt surface directly during the extrusion process, while in the other the biocide was sprayed horizontally onto the blown film after the extrusion process. Biocide distribution uniformity, friction coefficients and surface free energy of the modified film were examined, and the quality and mechanical strength of heat-sealed joints were estimated. In addition, the geometric properties of the blown film were determined.
doi:10.12913/22998624/128848 fatcat:koq3h2sebjho7jsxd6z3doffhq