En-face parameters change after orthodontic treatment of Class II malocclusion

Jovana Milutinović, Nenad Nedeljković
2016 Stomatološki glasnik Srbije  
Introduction The aim was to evaluate the difference in en-face anthropometric facial parameters and proportions of patients with Class II malocclusion, before and after orthodontic treatment as well as changes in linear parameters and facial proportions and their deviation from ideal values. Material and method In this study, en-face photographs before and after the treatment of 50 Class II malocclusion patients were used. Patients were divided in two groups; first group comprised 25 patients
more » ... rised 25 patients treated with multibracket appliance with extractions, and second group included 25 patients treated without extractions, using fixed functional Herbst and multibracket appliance. On each and every photo before and after the treatment facial points and lines were drawn, and linear parameters were determined, based on those markers. Results showed change in anthropometric parameters in both groups of patients. Statistically significant difference was found for parameters in the middle and lower facial third. Facial proportions changed after the treatment in both groups and they approached ideal values and golden proportion 1:1.618 in the lower facial third. Conclusion Patients with Class II, division 1 malocclusion, deviate from an ideal set of proportions, particularly in the lower facial third. After the orthodontic treatment, anthropometric parameters in the lower facial third were approaching ideal values.
doi:10.1515/sdj-2016-0017 fatcat:d4b6cbvhrrggpp5vy3ou3hnhra