Social justice in the digital age: re-thinking the smart city with Nancy Fraser. UCCities Working Paper # 1 [post]

Marit Rosol, Gwendolyn Blue, Victoria Fast
2019 unpublished
While many urban scholars acknowledge the im-portance of justice and participation for emerging smart city initiatives, these dimensions remain inad-equately addressed in critical literature. To strengthen the smart city critique, in this conceptual intervention we employ the theory of justice developed by philosopher Nancy Fraser, organized along the domains of redistribution, recognition, and representation. Using Fraser's tripartite framework of justice, we reformulate and expand the
more » ... cri-tiques of the smart city. Moreover, drawing on her notion of transformative approaches, we argue for shifting the discussion away from the smart city, even an alternative one, towards the just city and a just urbanism in the digital age.
doi:10.31235/ fatcat:u6qkkcojundmvev524pu3cjbe4