Recent Advances in substrate utilization for fermentative hydrogen Production

Pankaj Rai
2016 Journal of Applied Biology and Biotechnology  
In many ways, hydrogen is considered to be the ideal fuel for the future. Biohydrogen production processes are considered as the most environmentally friendly in comparison to others. Biological hydrogen production processes (both dark-and photo-fermentation) are considered most favorable. Due to their high conversion efficiency and versatility of the substrate they can utilize. The use of waste materials as substrate not only generates energy but it also helps in the bioremediation. The
more » ... al utilization of waste material for H2 production is being investigated extensively. The present review article aims to summarize the recently used substrates for fermentative biohydrogen production.
doi:10.7324/jabb.2016.40608 fatcat:hjx3rhf6enb2lp6gdatpz5qzyq