1912 Journal of the American Medical Association  
primitive acetylene generator wns impish in its perversity. No sooner was it put in repair than the rubber tubing which conducted the gas to the lights would rot. and the copper tubing which was substituted therefor would become cut by the frame in those places where the tube had to be bent. Burners so lucked durability as to seem to hear no more than an evanescent existence, and when by some chance they should be working well, the normal Same would crack the reflecting and magnifying mirror.
more » ... pense ad in/initum! I tried an electric system which, at that time (about two und one-half years ago), was new. The headlights were eonverted into shape for the use of incandescent globes, and connected with a storage buttery carried for that purpose only. The result could be likened lo that obtained on a patient with the use of aniyl nitrite. The oll'ocls were merely temporary. Good lighting would he obtained when the battery was freshly charged, but would last satisfactorily for only a few nights. Expense item as great as before.
doi:10.1001/jama.1912.04260040089051 fatcat:dfwqnsqoirc4zf7ku52rnsznsa