Noel G. Hahn, Keith Mason, Rufus Isaacs
2011 Arthropod Management Tests  
European fruit lecanium: Parthenolecanium corni (Bouché) A bioassay was conducted to determine the efficacy of insecticides for the control of EFL in highbush blueberry. The bioassay was started on 5 May 2010. Over 100 shoots infested with mature scale were collected at a farm in West Olive, MI, transported to the laboratory and placed in water picks. Prior to treatment, the number of live EFL was counted on each shoot. Shoots were then dipped in one of eight treatments for 10 s. Insecticides
more » ... 0 s. Insecticides were mixed with water in a wide mouthed Nalgene bottle to be equivalent to field rates of insecticides in 100 gpa. Treatments consisted of Movento 2SC (5 and 8 fl oz/acre), Asana XL (9.6 fl oz/acre), Assail 30SG (5.3 oz/acre), Esteem 35WP (5oz/acre), Provado 1.6F (8 fl oz/acre), and Sulforix (128 fl oz/acre), with water as the untreated check. Dipped shoots were allowed to dry in a fume hood and held at room temperature for 7 DAT before assessment. At that time the number of live and dead scales were counted, recorded and used to calculate % mortality for each of 10 replicates. Percent scale mortality values were arcsin transformed and compared among treatments using ANOVA and between treatments using Tukey's HSD for means separation.
doi:10.4182/amt.2011.l1 fatcat:atghm3dtfvfebmugcvptijpufm