Wills Hospital for the Blind and Lame

1841 American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
In three'weebs after her confinement the patient left this place for the South in good health and spirits.-tl'estcrn Juiim. of Med. and Surg., February 1341* Ununitedfracture of the tibia successfully treated with the scion. ByWrn. Donne, of Louisville.-The subject of this case was an intemperate man, 23 years of age, admitted into the Louisville Marine Hospital, June 11th, 1S10, with a transverse fracture of the tibia about three inches below femoro-tibia! articulation. There was no
more » ... e was no displacement of the fragments; very little tumefaction of the soft parts, and the fibula was uninjured. A roller was firmly applied, from the toes up¬ wards, and kept moistened; and after the tumefaction had subsided, two paste¬ board splints previously soaked in warm water were moulded to the limb and maintained by a roller. This treatment was continued for six weeks, when the splints were removed and it was found that no union had taken place. All dressings were then discontinued, and the patient was permitted to take exercise on crutches through the ward, for the space of three weeks, without any im¬ provement. Friction and rubbing the fragments were then resorted to with equal want of success. On the 21st of August, nearly ten weeks after the accident, Dr. Donne introduced a seton between the fragments. Five days elapsed before there was any appearance of inflammation, it then gradually increased to the 7th of September, when it Was attended with some febrile action, furred tongue, &c. and the seton was removed. On the 17th of September, splints and a roller were applied, and on the 8th of October the limb seemed firm, and a few weeks afterwards he was discharged cured.-IVcstcm Journ. Med. and Surg. August, 1811. Lirraiurc of External Iliac .Mery.-This operation was performed on the 24th =of July last by Dr. Edward Peace, on a patient in the Pennsylvania Hospital affected with inguinal aneurism. The ligature came away on the 24th day, and the patient up to the present time has done remarkably well. Prof. Mott's Orthopedic Institution.-We invite especial attention to the announcement of the opening of this establishment. The extensive reputation, experience, and eminent skill of the distinguished surgeon at its head, and the opportunities he has had of examining the best institutions of a similar charac¬ ter abroad, and of witnessing the effects of the methods of treatment therein employed, concur to the assurance that patients placed under his care will re¬ ceive all the relief which modern science and skill can afford. Many Medical College.-Our distinguished Collaborator, Dr. T. R. Dock, has been appointed Professor of Materia Medica in this college. This acquisi¬ tion cannot fail to add much to the strength and usefulness of the School. Vermont Jlcademy of Medicine.-There were 54 students in attendance on the last course in this Institution. The present Faculty are as follows: Horace
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