Ordering of Huge Biometric Information in Database System

Varisha Alam, Department of Computer Science and Engineering., Integral University, Lucknow, India
2021 Journal of Informatics Electrical and Electronics Engineering (JIEEE)  
The word biometrics is derived from the Greek words 'bios' and 'metric' which means living and calculation appropriately. Biometrics is the electronic identification of individuals based on their physiological and biological features. Biometric attributes are data take out from biometric test which can be used for contrast with a biometric testimonial. Biometrics composed methods for incomparable concede humans based upon one or more inherent material or behavioral characteristics. In Computer
more » ... cience, bio-metrics is employed as a kind of recognition access management and access command. Biometrics has quickly seemed like an auspicious technology for attestation and has already found a place in the most sophisticated security areas. A systematic clustering technique has been there for partitioning huge biometric databases throughout recognition. As we tend to are still obtaining the higher bin-miss rate, so this work is predicated on conceiving an ordering strategy for recognition of huge biometric database and with larger precision. This technique is based on the modified B+ tree that decreases the disk accesses. It reduced the information retrieval time and feasible error rates. The ordering technique is employed to proclaims a person's identity with a reduced rate of differentiation instead of searching the whole database. The response time degenerates, further-more because the accuracy of the system deteriorates as the size of the database increases. Hence, for vast applications, the requirement to reduce the database to a little fragment seems to attain higher speeds and improved accuracy.
doi:10.54060/jieee/002.02.011 fatcat:stthj3magrbsjpj5ro7fczc47y