Nanopreparations in technologies of plants growing

S. Kalenska, N. Novytska, T. Stolyarchuk, V. Kalenskyi, L. Garbar, M. Sadko, O. Shutiy, R. Sonko
2021 Agronomy Research  
The use of engineered nanomaterials in sustainable agriculture has demonstrated a completely new way of food production that can potentially overcome uncertainty in the agricultural sector with limited available resources. Nanoparticle engineering is one of the latest technological innovations which demonstrate unique target characteristics. During 2013–2020, research on the directions and effectiveness of nanopreparations in plant growing: nutrient source, activation of photosynthesis,
more » ... rrectors, stimulators of seed germination, plant growth and development, multivalent drugs for increasing plant resistance to stress was conducted. Monoparticles, nanoparticle combinations, and chelate complex of nano fertilizers on crops of soybean were tested. Field research was conducted in a stationary field experiment of the Plant Science Department of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. The soil of the stationary experiment is typical chernozem. In research was used soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) of early-ripening variety Horol. Over the years of research, weather conditions varied, but were within the typical for zone of research. Average monthly temperatures were close or higher the perennial average indicators. The purpose of the research is to find out the influence of pre-sowing seed treatment and fertilizing of crops by nano-preparations Avatar (microfertilizer of carboxylates of natural acids), Iodis-concentrate (immunomodulator - stimulator of growth processes), and Super Micro Plus (nanochelate fertilizer) on leaf formation - rate, the activity of symbiotic nitrogen fixation and yield of soybean variety Horol. Nanopreparations were used for pre-sowing seed treatment and fertilizing - spraying during the growing season in several doses. The use of nanopreparations, as seed treatment in combination with inoculation and as fertilizer, intensified formation of the leaf surface area, symbiotic apparatus activity of soybean plants. The introduction of nanofertilizers complex in [...]
doi:10.15159/ar.21.017 fatcat:btf3u7hsqbflrarcdhahr2hesa