Mobilitätswerkzeuge und Wohnstandorte: Mobiplan stated choice - Experimente

Kay W. Axhausen, Arnd König, Transporttechnik Institut Für Verkehrsplanung
The joint choice of residential location, car ownership and season ticket ownership has received too little attention in the past, in spite of its obvious importance for the resulting daily behaviour, which is constrained and enabled by these choices. As part of the Mobiplan project a computer based SP was performed which addressed the choice of vehicles and season tickets as a function of housing type, location and cost. The paper describes the SP and the analysis of its results using
more » ... probit models. The models show that the location of the housing, its costs, the remaining income and the quality of the public transport service have a significant impact on the choice of car and season ticket ownership. It is interesting to note that the respondents respond to certain lifestyle images by associating more expansive housing with cars independent of remaining income after transport costs. As expected in a SP -context the current behavioural preferences influence the choices in the hypothetical context, as measured by car -and season ticket ownership and use.
doi:10.3929/ethz-a-004232209 fatcat:a636gk6fifbthnwoblgknlpb74