Building Segment-Based Maps Without Pose Information

F. Amigoni, S. Gasparini, M. Gini
2006 Proceedings of the IEEE  
Most map building methods employed by mobile robots are based on the assumption that an estimate of robot poses can be obtained from odometry readings or from observing landmarks or other robots. In this paper we propose methods to build a global geometric map by integrating scans collected by laser range scanners without using any knowledge about the robots poses. We consider scans that are collections of line segments. Our approach increases the flexibility in data collection, since robots do
more » ... on, since robots do not need to see each other during mapping, and data can be collected by multiple robots or a single robot in one or multiple sessions. Experimental results show the effectiveness of our approach in different types of indoor environments. Index Terms-Map building, multirobot systems, scan matching, map merging, laser range scanners.
doi:10.1109/jproc.2006.876925 fatcat:fluxhaccljgw7cit4c4tqfscoq