Transmittance investigation on capacitive mesh on thick dielectric substrates as output windows for optically pumped terahertz lasers

Chun-Chao Qi, Du-Luo Zuo, Yan-Zhao Lu, Jian Tang, Zu-Hai Cheng
2010 Chinese Physics B  
This paper reports that an output window for optically pumped terahertz (THz) laser has been fabricated by depositing a capacitive nickel-mesh on a thick high-resistivity silicon substrate (approximating to 5 mm thick). Unlike the conventional process of depositing a gold film approximating to 100 nm on negative photoresist using electron-beam evaporation, a nickel film approximating to 1.5 µm thick is directly deposited on the clean surface of dielectric substrate using magnetron sputtering
more » ... etron sputtering and then a positive photoresist is spun onto the nickel metal surface at 6000 r for 60 s. A transmittance spectrum of the output window in a certain frequency range (say, from zero to 1 THz) has been obtained by using THz time domain spectroscopy. Moreover a transmittance spectrum simulated numerically has also been estimated with respect to the output window using the transmission-line model (TLM) containing attenuation component from dielectric substrate. The simulation results show that the TLM can explain well the experimental curve in a certain frequency range from zero to 1 THz. Thus it is demonstrated that the improved optical component can be efficiently used as both output coupler and output window for optically pumped THz lasers.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/19/11/114202 fatcat:i3zlchsnbvfbfdqvfo4xzrxccy