Review of dielectric elastomers for actuators, generators and sensors

Yu Zhao, Li-Juan Yin, Shao-Long Zhong, Jun-Wei Zha, Zhi-Min Dang
2020 IET Nanodielectrics  
Electroactive polymer (EAP) is a kind of smart material, which can change its shape under the stimulation of electric field. Dielectric elastomer (DE) is an important member of the EAP. DE has the characteristics of excellent performance, such as light weight, low noise, low cost, and so on, which guarantee its wide applications in the fields of actuators, generators, sensors. In this review, the principles of energy conversion, the research status and latest development of new technologies for
more » ... DEs, and the performance characteristics of DEs are summarised. Simultaneously, it points out the development problems and feasible countermeasures. At last, the application prospects of DE are discussed, combined with the research direction of the international frontier.
doi:10.1049/iet-nde.2019.0045 fatcat:wdpssprlujcmjbsq5lri6jhi3m