Myocardial kinetics of TcN-NOET: a neutral lipophilic complex tracer of regional myocardial blood flow

C Ghezzi, D Fagret, C C Arvieux, J P Mathieu, R Bontron, R Pasqualini, J de Leiris, M Comet
1995 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
[Bis (N-etoxy, N ethyl dithiocarbamato) nitrido] 99mTc (V) (TcN-NOET) is a new neutral lipophilic myocardial imaging agent proposed for clinical use for detecting coronary artery disease. We studied the relation between myocardial retention of TcN-NOET and myocardial blood flow (MBF) in a canine model.
pmid:7769430 fatcat:qltriefe2fdwjaksqeosidxpuu