Grouping compositions based on similarity of music themes

Barbara Laskowska, Mariusz Kamola, Diego Raphael Amancio
2020 PLoS ONE  
Finding music pieces whose similarity is explainable in plain musical terms can be of considerable value in many applications. We propose a composition grouping method based on musicological approach. The underlying idea is to compare music notation to natural language. In music notation, a musical theme corresponds to a word. The more similar motives we find in two musical pieces, the higher is their overall similarity score. We develop the definition of a motive as well as the way to compare
more » ... otives and whole compositions. To verify our framework we conduct a number of grouping and classification experiments for typical musical corpora. They include works by classical composers and examples of folk music. Obtained results are encouraging; the method is able to find non-obvious similarities, yet its operation remains explicable on the ground of music history. The proposed approach can be used in music recommendation and anti-plagiarism systems. Due to the musicological flavor, one of potentially best applications of our method would be that in computer assisted music analysis tools.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0240443 pmid:33031468 fatcat:vrq5mrarxbfm5nfqzpgc326f5i