C5. 0 Algorithm to Improved Decision Tree with Feature Selection and Reduced Error Pruning

Rutvija Pandya, Jayati Pandya
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Data mining is a knowledge discovery process that analyzes data and generate useful pattern from it. Classification is the technique that uses pre-classified examples to classify the required results. Decision tree is used to model classification process. Using feature values of instances, Decision trees classify those instances. Each node in a decision tree represents a feature in an instance to be classified. In this research work ID3, C4.5 and C5.0 Compare with each other. Among all these
more » ... ssifiers C5.0 gives more accurate and efficient result. This research work used C5.0 as the base classifier so proposed system will classify the result set with high accuracy and low memory usage. The classification process generates fewer rules compare to other techniques so the proposed system has low memory usage. Error rate is low so accuracy in result set is high and pruned tree is generated so the system generates fast results as compare with other technique. In this research work proposed system use C5.0 classifier that Performs feature selection and reduced error pruning techniques which are described in this paper. Feature selection technique assumes that the data contains many redundant features. so remove that features which provides no useful information in any context. Select relevant features which are useful in model construction. Crossvalidation method gives more reliable estimate of predictive. Over fitting problem of the decision tree is solved by using reduced error pruning technique. With the proposed system achieve 1 to 3% of accuracy, reduced error rate and decision tree is construed within less time.
doi:10.5120/20639-3318 fatcat:a5z3tfoombeojllxph2akkrahy