Married Couples and Their Labour Market Status

1993 European Sociological Review  
In this article we raise the question whether there is a relationship between the labour-market status of partners in the Netherlands in 1985-6. Possible explanations for such a relationship are represented by three hypotheses, namely the shared restrictions hypothesis, the spouse selection hypothesis, and the influence hypothesis. The explanations mentioned are tested for four types of labour-market status, namely employed, unemployed, disabled, and doing housework. Our analyses indicate that
more » ... relationship between the labour-market statuses of partners does exist and that the hypotheses provide sufficient explanation for the observed (non)-employment homogamy. For disablement homogamy and (unemployment homogamy we find hardly any indication that shared restrictions, spouse selection, or mutual influence play an important role. After controlling for these possible explanations it remains the case that unemployed and disabled persons more often have an unemployed or disabled partner and less often have an employed partner.
doi:10.1093/oxfordjournals.esr.a036661 fatcat:akwz3ovxnjhwtfazvhraqwvdbm