Phil Liebing
2017 IUCrData  
The title compound, [Ag2Cl2(C4H8S2)4] or [Ag2(μ-Cl)2(THT)4] (THT = tetrahydrothiophene), is readily available by reaction of AgCl with THT. In this markedly labile complex, the Ag atoms are coordinated in a distorted tedrahedral fashion by two μ-bridging chloride ligands and each two terminal THT ligands. The structure is therefore more similar to that of THT-complexed CuCl than to that of THT-complexed AuCl, and resembles those of other [Ag2(μ-Cl)2 L 4]-type complexes. The molecule is located on a crystallographic center of inversion.
doi:10.1107/s241431461700921x fatcat:ckrgb6aaircmxpq7xsgemaekjq