Nonlinear Volatility Risk Prediction Algorithm of Financial Data Based on Improved Deep Learning

Wangsong Xie, Stefan Cristian Gherghina
2022 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
With the gradual integration of global economy and finance, the financial market presents many complex financial phenomena. To increase the prediction accuracy of financial data, a new nonlinear volatility risk prediction algorithm is proposed based on the improved deep learning algorithm. First, the financial data are taken as the research object and the closing price is set as the prediction target. Then, the nonlinear volatility risk prediction model of the financial data is established
more » ... gh the wavelet principal component analysis noise reduction module and the long and short-term memory network (LSTM) module, and the nonlinear volatility trend is extracted from multiple financial data series to realize the nonlinear volatility risk prediction of the financial data. During the whole experiment, the time of the research method was less than 1.5 minutes. And for 1200 test samples, the average error of data risk prediction of the proposed method is 0.0217%. The average cost of the research method is 114.25 million yuan, which is significantly lower than other existing algorithms. Experimental results show that the research method can effectively predict the risk of financial data and is more suitable for the risk control early warning of Internet financial platform.
doi:10.1155/2022/3037040 fatcat:p2dzxo54lnctzfmfqi2nbk75mm