Predicting of lead distribution and immobilization in soil of the region of lignite mining (Rudovci, Serbia)

Stevan Mušicki, Ljiljana Kljajević, Miško Milanović, Maria Čebela, Slađana Milovanović, Snežana Nenadović, Miloš Nenadović
2015 Acta Montanistica Slovaca   unpublished
Lead distribution and immobilization in cultivated soils in Rudovci, Serbia was investigated. Sampling was carried out by the method recommended by ICP-Forests Manual, 2006, Part III Sampling and analysis of Soil. The sampling geometry was systematically designed with a random component. The maximum sampling depth was 100 cm and lead distribution was monitored during 425 days. First sample was taken after 50 days and every single next sample was taken after 50 days except for the last sample
more » ... the last sample which was taken after 25 days. Before the profile contamination, physical and chemical soil analysis has been done. The cation exchange capacity of the soil was done because media affect mobility cations (anions) in soil. The effect of immobilizations of Pb is highest in the second horizons where the depth of investigating soil is 25-50 cm.