Integer Quantum Hall Effect in Trilayer Graphene

A. Kumar, W. Escoffier, J. M. Poumirol, C. Faugeras, D. P. Arovas, M. M. Fogler, F. Guinea, S. Roche, M. Goiran, B. Raquet
2011 Physical Review Letters  
The Integer Quantum Hall Effect (IQHE) is a distinctive phase of two-dimensional electronic systems subjected to a perpendicular magnetic field. Thus far, the IQHE has been observed in semiconductor heterostructures and in mono- and bi-layer graphene. Here we report on the IQHE in a new system: trilayer graphene. Experimental data are compared with self-consistent Hartree calculations of the Landau levels for the gated trilayer. The plateau structure in the Hall resistivity determines the
more » ... ng order (ABA versus ABC). We find that the IQHE in ABC trilayer graphene is similar to that in the monolayer, except for the absence of a plateau at filling factor v=2. At very low filling factor, the Hall resistance vanishes due to the presence of mixed electron and hole carriers induced by disorder.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.107.126806 pmid:22026788 fatcat:bqwqrqjb7jc2diplzpxyrtgiza