Histo-autoradiographic localisation of americium (241Am) in tissues of European lobster Homarus gammarus and edible crab Cancer pagurus after uptake from labelled sea water

P Miramand, P Germain, JP Trilles
1989 Marine Ecology Progress Series  
Uptake from sea water and cellular localisation of americium were studied by autoradiography in the European lobster Hornarus gammarus and the edible crab Cancerpagurus. Marked uptake was noted in the gills; americium was adsorbed by the mucus between the gill lamellae in the lobster and by the chit~nous surface of the gills in the crab. Americium uptake in the hepatopancreas was ~ntracellular, and alpha traces were noted in all cell types of the hepatic tubules, secretory cells, fibrillar
more » ... , and particularly the resorptive cells. Americium was also localised in the cells of the labyrinth of the green gland, indicating the role of this gland in elimination of americium.
doi:10.3354/meps052217 fatcat:xrrxabmiqjd5bhdemty6nz3v2u